Qualysoft Exhibitions

The organization of their own openings in the offices of Qualysoft are an annual fixture for many years. In addition to original works by young and established artists the specially developed art and culture technology QualysmArt is always integrated into the exhibition concept whereby new innovative possibilities of art presentation arise.

The fact that the management team shows such a high level of commitment to art also has a positive impact on Qualysoft employees. For example, it has led to the R&D department creating a proprietary technology for the digital display and dissemination of works of art. With the help of the QualysmArt app that Qualysoft has developed itself, an infinite number of terminals can be controlled centrally from one device – allowing you to transfer and arrange images, videos, and web content however you like. The app's key benefit is that it enables you to show works of art that could not be exhibited on site. Framed like paintings and placed on scaffolds and walls, physical art thus meets virtual art.

The Qualysoft Private Viewings

Qualysoft has been regularly organizing major exhibitions with international artists since as far back as 2006. These are held in the offices of its Viennese headquarters. The annual exhibition traditionally opens with a private viewing as part of the Qualysoft summer celebration. Around 300 political, cultural, and business figures are invited to attend as guests.

The latest exhibition opened in June 2015 and showcases works by artists from Austria, Germany, and Hungary under the theme of "Digitalism – Art & Innovation". Customers and partners of Qualysoft still have a chance to view the current collection up until the end of May 2016.

The aim of the initiative is to create a platform for up-and-coming artists so that they can reach a wider public with their works but without all the red tape.

The new exhibition is due to open in the summer of 2016. To find out more about the private viewings that have been held in recent years, follow the links below to access related reports, photos, and videos:

2015 – "Digitalism – Art & Innovation"

2014 – "Science, Technology, Art"

2013 – "Technology Meets Art"

2012 – Qualysoft Herbstfest & Vernissage