Qualysoft implements customized IT systems for efficient and secure e-taxation solutions. In this way, financial data can be provided by authorities quickly and easily, exchanged with taxpayers, and retrieved interactively.

E-taxation solutions allow to handle all financial administration processes via state-of-the-art IT systems. The experts at Qualysoft implement solutions that allow to electronically effect registration of taxpayers, filing of tax returns and complete account management including automatic calculation systems. In addition, document management, risk assessment, the collection of taxes and all statistical analyses can be realized via the solution.

Operations are carried out via online portals, in a flexible, secure and paperless manner, reducing the cost of administration, as well as processing times and the workload of companies, citizens and administration significantly.

Efficient handling of tax transactions

Qualysoft implements customized IT systems allowing for financial data to be made available, exchanged and retrieved interactively. Via specifically established Web portals, taxpayers can file applications, call up notifications or view their accounts. As manual activities are eliminated, administrative authorities are able to increase their efficiency, thus performing their services in a more customer-friendly manner. Our experts also establish seamless links with the Central Registration Database, the Companies Register and the customs authorities.

E-taxation provides benefits for all parties involved by:
  • efficient risk management and preventive anti-fraud measures
  • acceleration and reduction of duration of proceedings between tax return and tax assessment
  • efficient use of HR resources
  • significant savings with regard to administrative activities
  • strengthening of trust in administrative authorities thanks to transparent documentation

Implementation of e-taxation projects

Qualysoft monitors the entire procedure of e-taxation projects, precisely adjusting the IT solution to the relevant legal setting. Jointly with our specialized partners, we meet all requirements of public institutions, providing:

  • delivery of a customized business solution
  • process reviews and adjustments
  • realization of reform proposals in legislation
  • implementation of the IT system and integration of existing systems for data exchange
  • training users to handle the system

Know-how made in Austria

In collaboration with wedoIT-solutions and INFINICA, Qualysoft implemented a sophisticated large-scale tax administration project in Albania: within 18 months, the fiscal authority's administrative system dating back to the 1990s was fully replaced and upgraded to comply with the state of the art.

The business solution C@TS (Customs and Taxation System) developed by wedoIT-solutions consists of a management system and a Web portal for taxpayers, who can now view their tax returns, payment data and financial transactions for the first time ever.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) supervised the project, contributing technical and process-oriented know-how with respect to statistical analyses, risk assessment and data exchange. In addition to the provisions set out in Albanian legislation, requirements of the International Monetary Fund and of the European Commission were also taken into account.