Infinica Automated Document Management

INFINICA is a Document Composition Suite designed and used for the creation of business documents and customer correspondence based on intelligent templates and rules using data from different core systems or databases.

The core competences of INFINICA are document composition and document distribution in networked workflows. We create ideal document templates, provide for centralized management of text modules and rule-based processes.

The INFINICA Product Suite ties in seamlessly to all existing business applications. You get software solutions to prepare automated documents in great quantities and for personalized documents in made-to-measure customer communication with interactive electronic forms.

Interactive Document Creation

Interactive document creation enables end-users in your departments to create individualized documents in WYSIWYG fashion in their browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome):

  • Enter data, in case these are not available in core systems (DB, SAP, CRM, etc.)
  • Add pre-built building blocks and complete them
  • Enter free text at pre-def ned spots in the document or modify the whole document
  • Add attachments
  • Sign documents using a solution secured by biometrical data (optional)

Benefits and savings

In the domain of interactive document creation INFINICA provides major savings. These savings by end-users are achieved by:

  • Extensive automation of the document creation processes
  • Acceleration of the document creation processes
  • Simplification of approval and signing processes
  • Improved adherence to all rules of document creation regarding security, compliance and corporate identity

Furthermore, the process of creating and maintaining document templates is significantly accelerated compared to text processing tools like Microsoft Word.

Increase your competitiveness and the quality of customer communication through innovative, modular software solutions and services from INFINICA. Our knowledge of documents, forms and workflow technologies increases your productivity.

Modern Standards

INFINICA as a product suite offers all software components needed for your processes. Matching the requirements of a customer, a specific configuration is selected.