Nearshoring - 3 arguments that will convince you completely

Many companies complain about the IT labour shortage, which slows down their success-critical digital developments enormously. At the same time they shy away from nearshoring in neighboring countries. Why we believe that this is the best solution and how you can actually benefit from nearshore teams? We have summarized three powerful arguments that will convince for you.

The economic boom gives many companies full order books and great growth potential. But you can only benefit from the good order situation with a powerful digital strategy. Qualified IT experts as competent implementers of your vision are therefore more important than ever for the future of your company. No matter if you want to realize the automation of your production, up-to-date customer service or more efficient internal processes.

Suitable candidates are hotly contested in the local labor market and their salary demands are high. The situation is exacerbated by the steadily increasing number of vacancies, while still too few graduates enter the domestic labor market.

In order to find qualified employees for your IT developments and to fully exploit your potential, you must break new ground.

New ideas are needed - is nearshoring the solution?

Classic outsourcing is an efficient solution for IT project work, but it does not go far enough for most companies. After all, they want to build know-how in their own ranks over the long term. However, many are reluctant to look for suitable workers in neighboring countries and enter a new market. That's why, together with our customers, we've developed incubator services that bundle the secure setup of a powerful team and a new location. With a strong partner at your side, you benefit from the advantages of a nearshoring team and eliminate all risks.

Why you should definitely put your trust in nearshoring?

Here are our three main arguments:

# 1: The search has come to an end: Quickly and easily complement your IT team with perfectly trained experts.

In countries like Hungary or Serbia, the supply of well-trained IT professionals in the labor market is high. Qualysoft is a well-known player on the market and accesses a pool of qualified candidates for you. So you can build up your professional development team very quickly. You choose the strength of your team according to your needs - start with a small team and expand as your requirements increase. This way, you can be sure that the know-how you have built up will remain in your own company even after completing a project.

# 2: Perfect cooperation: Good language skills, geographical and cultural proximity make the cooperation easy.

Unlike offshoring to countries like India, IT professionals from Eastern Europe have very good language skills and understand your needs better because of their cultural proximity. Even personal votes in face-to-face meetings can be organized in no time. Time zone differences and long flights are completely eliminated. In addition, we provide our customers with an experienced local contact person in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, who is responsible for the comprehensive support during the establishment of the nearshore-team.

# 3: No risk: Rely on secure and legally compliant handling with Qualysoft as a strong partner.

When setting up the new location, you can rely on our expertise and fall back on our advice. You benefit from our over 15 years of experience in resource management and the deep market knowledge of our local recruiting teams. We take care of renting new office space, building the team and contracting all the steps to build your new IT location for you. If you wish, you can put the entire company in our hands for the first three years.

Roland Strahlhofer

Über den Autor:

Roland Strahlhofer
Head of Delivery DACH & SK

Since 2017, Roland Strahlhofer has been responsible for the DACH area and Slovakia as Head of Delivery. As an expert in our incubator services, he successfully serves numerous international clients.

Build up your nearshoring on Qualysoft Incubator Services

Finding competent IT experts for your individual requirements is our core competence. Numerous customers, including Porsche Informatik, Palfinger or Tricentis, already rely on our know-how in setting up their nearshoring locations.

We take care of the entire implementation for you:

  • from concept creation
  • about recruiting a powerful nearshoring team
  • to the completion of all administrative activities.

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