What‘s new: Aurea CRM 10 - Highlights of the major release

The latest major release of Aurea CRM, version 10, provides new and improved features for even easier handling that enable you to finish your work faster. Highlights include the integration of Skype for Business and streamlined campaign management - read more in our compact summary.

To bring simplicity to complicated processes was the most important requirement for this year's major release of Aurea CRM. The version 10 in enterprise edition of the CRM software brings powerful new features and improved functionalities for its users:

  • Integration of Skype for Business

Skype for Business can now be integrated as a telephone system for Aurea CRM. Functionally, this solution offers the same scope as TAPI: calls can be made or accepted with the CRM, you can initiate conferences, hold or forward calls. No matter what event is happening, both CRM.phone and Skype for Business will trigger the same process and search for the correct record that is displayed immediately. All events are logged in both Aurea CRM and Skype for Business.

  • More comprehensive campaign management

The relatively complex process of creating and running campaigns has been clarified and simplified in Aurea CRM 10. All information about the campaign process is now merged into a user interface, the user is supported by symbols as well as strict guidance.

  • Improved Word integration

By linking Microsoft Word and Aurea CRM, serial letters can not only be used to add customer data, but also to process tables, embed images, and filter queries.

  • Facilitated assignment of configurations to user groups

Administrators can easily and quickly link user groups and configurations for sales, marketing or service directly in the web interface.

Aurea Enterprise Edition -
Platform for innovation and growth

Aurea CRM Enterprise Edition scores with:

  • improved usability,
  • high speed,
  • and intelligent and customizable processes - even on all connected devices.

Benefit from powerful software - tailor-made to your needs.


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