Boost your test automation

Qualysoft supports you

Whether your company is new to test automation or is struggling with it, Qualysoft can help you to get Test Automation right.

Build up a regression test portfolio

Many legacy systems are lacking proper test automation, which makes development and testing slow, expensive and challenging. Qualysoft supports our customers with automation specialists in Vienna and at our nearshore locations. Within a few months, we create and hand over a comprehensive test portfolio.
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Make tests stable

Many companies struggle to keep their test automation running: False positives and the test automation maintenance trap hinder them to fully benefit. Tests are unstable because of test data issues, buggy technical setup or poorly implemented test automation. Our consultants provide their experience in successfully increasing test stability.
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Reduce test cases, increase impact

Companies that have already invested in test automation often have thousands of test cases. This is rarely efficient and increases the effort for maintenance without improving quality or speed. Our consultants have reduced test automation portfolios for our enterprise customers while at the same time increasing risk coverage and quality. Rely on Qualysoft to assess your existing test portfolio, introduce risk-based testing and test case design to make your test automation more efficient.

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#AutomationBoost: While we recommend creating test automation as a part of the software delivery process, for crucial applications it often makes sense to initially build up a meaningful test automation regression portfolio using external teams. Together with our customers, our automation teams build up a test automation portfolio using the #RiskBased approach and test case design. We help to integrate the portfolio into the software delivery process and to handover the responsibility to the respective teams.

#NearshoreTestAutomation: With experts all around Europe and Nearshore locations in Serbia, Slovakia and Hungary, we can provide an attractive mix of on-site experts and nearshore automation. Having 20 years of experience in nearshoring, we find the right setup to collaborate frictionless and efficient across country borders. In addition to the attractive blended rate, we can also scale-up with resources fast and easily.

#HandsOnCoaching, #TeamEnablement: Our trainers not only do classroom trainings, they also provide hands-on coaching at customer site with their own applications. From creating tests in pairs to joint test case reviews, our trainers will give your team the necessary coaching in order to become test automation experts. Our job is done once the customers testing team is able to create efficient, stable and enduring test automation.

#AgileTestingPyramid: Investing in integration and end-to-end test automation too early can be a costly mistake. Test Automation needs to start at the bottom of the agile testing pyramid. Having a meaningful regression test set of Unit Tests and Component/System Tests is crucial before diving into complex integration and E2E test automation.

#TestArchitecture: Creating test automation for a single application is easy. The complexity increases with sets of applications and value streams. Deep understanding of software architecture, interfaces and data flow is necessary in order to get the test approach right. Qualysoft has a unique blend of test architects and software architects to support our customers.

#RiskBasedTesting: In risk-based testing, the coverage of tests is measured based on the business risk covered. Qualysoft creates a risk mapping for your application within hours, regardless of the tools you use – Tricentis Tosca, Jira or even in Excel. All tests are assigned to that structure in order to measure the risk coverage and to decide where to invest in test automation next.