Make test automation part of your software development

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Having a stable regression test portfolio is a great start for test automation. However, the real change in quality and speed of delivery can be achieved when test automation becomes an essential part of the software development process.

Bring test automation to the team

As long as test automation is separated from development, the full potential cannot be utilized. We enable our customers to integrate the implementation and maintenance of test automation into the development process. Test automation becomes part of the definition of done and the whole team takes care of it. By improving the test architecture, approach and tooling, fast creation of test cases with low maintenance will increase risk coverage and decrease costs.
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Execute your tests often

By bringing test automation to the teams, companies are able to keep their tests up-to-date and to quickly identify changes that might affect product quality. Qualysoft integrates test automation into your delivery pipeline and supports you to make test cases stable and re-runnable. This will enable you to execute test automation frequently and to find bugs early.

Become test automation experts

Although tools like Tricentis Tosca are easy to learn, coaching and training by test automation experts is still essential. Our Tosca Trainers support our customers with classroom trainings as well as hands-on coaching and reviews. From test automation to architecture and approach, we help companies to level up their automation skills.

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#HandsOnCoaching, #TeamEnablement: Our trainers not only do classroom trainings, they also provide hands-on coaching at customer site with their own applications. From creating tests in pairs to joint test case reviews, our trainers will give your team the necessary coaching in order to become test automation experts. Our job is done once the customers testing team is able to create efficient, stable and enduring test automation.

#AgileTestingPyramid: Investing in integration and end-to-end test automation too early can be a costly mistake. Test Automation needs to start at the bottom of the agile testing pyramid. Having a meaningful regression test set of Unit Tests and Component/System Tests is crucial before diving into complex integration and E2E test automation.

#TestArchitecture: Creating test automation for a single application is easy. The complexity increases with sets of applications and value streams. Deep understanding of software architecture, interfaces and data flow is necessary in order to get the test approach right. Qualysoft has a unique blend of test architects and software architects to support our customers.

#TestAutomationIntegration: Executing test automation regularly and effortless is the key to success. Our DevOps department is supporting a wide range of different customers in setting up delivery pipelines and including test automation. Making test automation an integral part of the software delivery process is what we aim for.