SAP Testing

Saving time and money using automated test tools

Ongoing releases of new SAP components require quick and frequent testing of functionalities and complex processes. However, your departments do not have the time to perform manual quality tests at regular intervals. By implementing agile automated testing tools, the quality of business processes is tested continuously in a time-saving manner.

50% of companies still perform purely manual SAP tests. In more than 70% of all companies, testing is the cause for insufficient speed, although 40% of the project funds are invested in testing.

Migration to S/4HANA until 2025 will dramatically raise the time and costs of testing due to frequent releases. Companies would therefore be well advised to include test automation already at the time of creating a migration roadmap.

We help our customers set up test automation procedures in an efficient and agile manner to save time and costs.

Benefits of agile test automation
for SAP:


Test automation level: more than 90%

The high level of automation will increase the quality of your tests and help you save costs. The time and costs for your departments will be minimized.

You configure the test cases and define the correct scenarios – the tool will take care of the rest. Maintenance will be reduced to a minimum, for it is much easier to adjust well-defined modules and reproduce them under new conditions.

5 Mal schneller am Markt

Up to 5 times faster on the market

Your testing lead time will be tremendously accelerated, since the process runs automatically – literally overnight. You can go on working with valid results at once and thus greatly accelerate your release cycles.


Over 80% risk coverage

Your test results are no longer defined based on the number of test cases run – in line with the motto “the more, the better” – rather, you will identify the most effective test cases and the risk contribution of each case.

Thus, you will only run the most efficient sets of test cases and achieve the highest possible risk coverage (up to 95 percent).

Your roadmap for agile test automation for SAP

Our experts help you create a roadmap and advise you on how to implement agile test automation in your company to optimum effect.

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