Scale to Enterprise Test Automation

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To take your test automation to the next level, Qualysoft supports you in getting a holistic view over all of your applications and value streams. Company-wide quality reporting will give you the foundation for reliable decisions.

Scale to Enterprise Testing

Many companies start to introduce test automation for their most important systems of innovation. Once successfully established for selected applications, scaling to enterprise testing is the next step. We support you in establishing enterprise testing tools and guidelines in order to shift testing from manual to fully automated. In addition, we help our customers to implement the right organizational setup like a Test Center of Excellence as a home base for testing – providing support and guidance for all the teams.

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Test your crucial value streams fully automated

Important value streams usually involve multiple applications. The real benefit of enterprise test automation kicks in once all applications along critical value streams have been automated. Once this has been achieved, speed of change and quality will increase drastically. When implementing End-2-End tests, dependencies need to be managed and consistent test data have to be provided. Rely on our expertise when automating value streams along heterogeneous systems, setting up a centralized test data management and handling dependencies with Service Virtualization or container-based mocks.
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Introducing company-wide quality reporting

By empowering the teams and giving them freedom to choose their tools independently, reporting becomes more complex. Qualysoft uses industry-leading tools to retrieve test results and quality metrics. Based on the project specific requirements and test sets, we integrate the test results and make aggregated views on quality and risk coverage available. By connecting requirements, test cases, test executions and automation, we provide one centralized view on quality.

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#CenterOfExcellence: When moving to decentralized teams and to an agile organizational setup, taking care of company-wide responsibilities is crucial. Topics like quality reporting, tool support and governance need to be provided centrally to the teams. By introducing Center of Excellences, Qualysoft helps our customers to build up lean organizational units that support and enable the teams while taking care of company-wide duties.

#AgileTestingPyramid: Investing in integration and end-to-end test automation too early can be a costly mistake. Test Automation needs to start at the bottom of the agile testing pyramid. Having a meaningful regression test set of Unit Tests and Component/System Tests is crucial before diving into complex integration and E2E test automation.

#TestArchitecture: Creating test automation for a single application is easy. The complexity increases with sets of applications and value streams. Deep understanding of software architecture, interfaces and data flow is necessary in order to get the test approach right. Qualysoft has a unique blend of test architects and software architects to support our customers.

#TestingMaturityMatrix: Enterprise companies need to deal with a heterogeneous application landscape, from mainframe to web applications to mobile apps. Based on the technology used and the business criticality of the application, different testing approaches are efficient. Qualysoft has created a Testing Maturity Matrix where applications can be categorized and evaluated in order to pick the right approach.

#TDM: Test data management is one of the critical capabilities that enables an organization to evolve from automated tests to continuous tests. A successful TDM strategy is required for both, end-to-end regression testing as well as load testing. Different architectures, development processes and release cadences require different approaches to acquire/create test data. The GDPR regulation that came into effect on May 25, 2018, requires that any test data extracted from production systems is masked irreversibly and deterministically. Qualysoft provides concepts and approaches to build up an efficient and compliant TDM solution.

#ServiceVirtualization: In order to test value streams across many applications, dependencies need to be managed. Running tests involving dependencies to external, unstable applications or internal hard-to-manage mainframes can be a real deal breaker. Qualysoft is an expert in resolving complex dependencies in enterprise landscapes through central service virtualization with Tricentis Tosca Orchestrated Service Virtualization. If microservices and containers are already established in your landscape, Qualysoft supports you with creating container-based, reusable mocks in order for your automation to become independent.

#QualityReporting: Enterprise-wide quality reporting is essential for making decisions. With Tricentis qTest, all information (from Jira, Tosca, Cucumber,…) can be aggregated in one place. Based on that information, qTest Insights provides the reporting and dashboard capabilities necessary to get an overall picture of quality.

#RiskBasedTesting: In risk-based testing, the coverage of tests is measured based on the business risk covered. Qualysoft creates a risk mapping for your application within hours, regardless of the tools you use – Tricentis Tosca, Jira or even in Excel. All tests are assigned to that structure in order to measure the risk coverage and to decide where to invest in test automation next.