Speed up your delivery

Become a DevOps High Performer

Efficient test automation is only the beginning of the journey to fully automated continuous delivery. Our DevOps consultants guide companies during their transition from traditional IT organizations to a modern agile DevOps setup.

Introducing: The delivery pipeline

The delivery pipeline can be found at the very heart of the development process. Building up on Continuous Integration, the delivery pipeline pushes changes from the developers hand to your customer with as little effort and risk as possible. By automating builds, deployments, tests and KPI-based quality gates, the delivery pipeline is able to process changes 100 percent automated – giving our customers the power to deliver value effortless and whenever they want.

Give power to the team

We believe in agility and cross-functional teams. By providing the right tools and organizational setup, Qualysoft enables customers to build up autonomous teams, which have the end-to-end responsible for their application. Having empowered teams implementing and delivering features without external dependencies will boost efficiency and quality alike.

Become a DevOps High Performer

Around 80 percent of IT companies have already introduced some principles and practices of DevOps, but most have not been successful. Based on the findings of other companies and industry best practices, Qualysoft helps our customers to get DevOps right. We collected the main differences between DevOps High and Low Performers and built our DevOps approach upon that knowhow. Whether we talking about Organization, Delivery processes, Tools or Metrics, Qualysoft has the right solution for you.


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#CenterOfExcellence: When moving to decentralized teams and to an agile organizational setup, taking care of company-wide responsibilities is crucial. Topics like quality reporting, tool support and governance need to be provided centrally to the teams. By introducing Center of Excellences, Qualysoft helps our customers to build up lean organizational units that support and enable the teams while taking care of company-wide duties.

#HighPerformer: Based on the Puppet report, industry standards and our experience with DevOps, we defined criteria for successful and efficient DevOps implementations. The difference is astonishing: Companies that get DevOps right have a 5 times lower change failure rate, 96 times faster mean time to recover and deploy changes much faster and 45 times more often. Step by step, Qualysoft supports our customers to become DevOps high performers.