Our Telemetry Solution offers our customers a solution that enables deep insight into the efficiency of their software development, test processes and the software quality of their products. On the basis of real-time dashboards, our customers can monitor current trends at any time and specifically identify, introduce and continuously review improvement measures.

The foundation for this is a division of the metrics into team, department and IT-wide data that build on each other. So it is quick and easy to start implementation with the teams who directly benefit from it. The solution will then be gradually expanded and expanded to include metrics for mid-level and senior management.

The best thing about it? We don't sell an expensive tool with high license costs. The technical solution is based on 100% open source tools, is license-free, can be easily integrated into the existing IT landscape and expanded according to individual needs.

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About Qualysoft Group

Qualysoft was founded in Vienna in 1999 as a company specializing in resource management and software development; it has enjoyed constant growth ever since. With its innovative solutions in the areas of Microsoft business solutions, customer experience management, application services, and e-government, Qualysoft is now one of Europe's leading providers of IT services.

The Qualysoft Group has locations in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovakia, Romania and Serbia. Thanks to the constant growth of the workforce, it now has more than 500 specialists working in Central and Eastern Europe. With their many years of experience and high levels of expertise and commitment, they are on hand to ensure that every Qualysoft project succeeds.

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