Florian Werksnies

Managing Director Qualysoft GmbH Austria

Since May 2019, Florian Werksnies has been the managing director of the management team of Qualysoft Austria and Stefan REsl. Since January, he has been responsible for the fortunes of the sales team in Austria as Head of Sales and Marketing as well as authorized signatory. His goal is to provide Qualysoft with quality advice and support in the area of digitalization, especially when creating digitization strategies. In addition to Qualysoft's biggest pillars - Customer Experience Management and Automation Services - topics such as software engineering, continuous delivery and consulting services will be the focus of our sales strategy in the context of our digitalization portfolio.

In the past, Florian Werksnies has already held responsible positions with major well-known companies, most recently as Division Manager and authorized signatory at Wien IT. Florian was responsible for the entire business consulting, sales and innovation management of Wiener Stadtwerke IT.

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