Mihaly Szabo

Managing Director Qualysoft GmbH Slovakia & Serbia / Head of Sales Austria

Mihaly Szabo has held various positions in IT since completing his mathematics degree. Already in the founding year 1999, he joined Qualysoft GmbH as a developer and IT consultant. Since 2010, Mihaly Szabo has been responsible for large projects as a Senior IT Consultant. As an experienced information technology consultant, Mihály Szabó has many years of expertise in the international IT and service industry. His areas of expertise are project management, mathematical data modeling, agile software development and requirements engineering. In January 2018 he also took over the management of the Slovakian and Serbian branch. Since August 2018, Mihaly Szabo is also Head of Sales in Austria.

Stefan Resl

Managing Director Qualysoft GmbH Austria

Steffen Dudda

Managing Director Qualysoft GmbH Germany

Michael Reichenberger

Managing Director Qualysoft GmbH Switzerland

Tamás Simon

Managing Director Qualysoft GmbH Austria, Germany & Switzerland

Caglar Kulaksiz

Head of Finance & Human Resources DACH & SK

Nadja Zinkl

Head of Marketing & Communication DACH & SK

Din Ezzeddine

Head of Delivery DACH & SK

Marcus Mareiser


Thomas Neubacher

Head of Testing Services DACH & SK

Walter Pindhofer

Head of Software Engineering DACH & SK

Awi Lifshitz

Director of QMotion

Marcus Fehringer

Head of E-Mobility Services / QMotion

Hakan Olman

Key Account Manager Germany

Marcel Dzoja

Account Manager Austria

Claudia Schöffmann

Senior Account Manager Österreich

Anna Vállaji

Human Resources Manager DACH & SK

Birgit Schachermayr

Recruiter / Researcher DACH

Maria Bürger

Head of Holding Marketing - parental leave