Qualysoft oversees a large number of international projects that are technologically complex and call for specialists from a vast array of fields.

To ensure that we always deliver optimum quality to our customers, we work with people who are the very best in their respective fields. The partners with whom we have been working for many years specialize in every conceivable area of IT consulting and development, and assist us and our customers with their professional expertise and innovative approaches.

Selected Qualysoft-Partners



Qualysoft ist Aurea's biggest CRM partner in the German-speaking countries and employs more than 45 certified experts who provide services to more than 100 customers each day, among them for instance the TUI tourist group, the Energie Steiermark utility company, and the Hirslanden group of private hospitals.


Qualysoft and Tricentis are conntected in a strong partnership: Since 2015, our experts have worked closely together in successful national and international projects. With Tricentis Tosca we offer our customers an optimal tool for agile projects and continuous testing.
"We particularly appreciate Qualysoft's broad range of services across the entire IT sector and see the company as a reliable partner in all areas," says Erwin Klissenbauer, Managing Director of the Spanish Riding School - Lipizzanergestüt Piber GöR
"Qualysoft is a very reliable international partner for Tricentis, and the product and service portfolios of Qualysoft and Tricentis complement each other optimally, helping to ensure customer success in Tosca international test projects," sais Franz Fuchsberger, Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer at Tricentis.
"In our projects, we need to be able to rely on professional and innovative partners for implementation. Qualysoft, with their distinct sense of business and focus on services for corporate solutions, are the perfect partner that exactly meets these requirements. Their range of services in the fields of CRM, CXM and application modernisation optimally complement our focus on customer communications.," Herbert Liebl, CEO Infinca.