Agile scaling 

How to build a learning organization

Agile methods such as Scrum, which work very well on a small scale, can be successfully applied to larger projects or to the whole company with a few key principles. The essential rule in scaling agile processes is: less is more!

The supposed idea that large-scale projects need tight control may seem understandable at first glance. However, the great advantage of agile practices is their ease, speed and agility. And this should be preserved even in large projects.

To scale agility means to bring flexibility, ease and speed to a higher level.

There is not one single solution that works equally well for all organizations. Patterns and frameworks for agile large-scale projects such as SAFe, LeSS or Nexus have the advantage that they provide a clear structure with precise specifications, roles and processes. The disadvantage, however, is that they can also be too rigid and inflexible.

SAFE, LESS or Nexus? Successful is who consistently complies with agile principles in a major project, without being restricted.

In order to sensibly scale agile work techniques, it is important to consistently adhere to the agile principles - few but clear rules - in the large-scale project. Here your own optimal way must be found. An agile organization is a learning organization that is getting better and better through experience.

A learning organization relies on agile leadership

An agile scaling of the project or company also brings a change in the corporate culture. Agile team leadership is an integral part of a learning and evolving organization. Only with executives who demand and promote their teams at eye level, an efficient scaling succeeds.

Continuous Improvement with Coaching

The support of external coaches, who regularly take a neutral view of the organization from the outside, also provides valuable input for continuous process improvement. Every company is unique - in corporate philosophy, customer service and production. Accordingly, the scaling strategy must be clever and individual. Therefore, there can be no blueprint, which is equally suitable for all companies.

In an efficient workshop, we work together to identify which framework is most profitable for your organization.

Our agile coaches are professionals in agile scaling. We advise, support and accompany you with expert knowledge and many years of experience in the introduction and implementation of agile scaling strategies. We are your reliable partner for your smooth and efficient transformation.