Application Modernization Services

Our experts modernize or migrate your outdated core systems and application environments, burdened with unforeseeable risks, into advanced, secure technology platforms. Thus, we transform your applications into sustainable solutions, increasing usability and reducing IT infrastructure costs in the long term.

High performance and reliable IT systems support your business processes and facilitate efficient work. It is precisely older, traditional software solutions that often have safety deficiencies, are not compatible with the latest hardware and are thus no longer powerful enough for the increasing digitization of business processes. In addition, a lack of documentation and complex interfaces lead to high maintenance and development costs.

Sustainable, safe systems as a solid basis

The conversion into modern applications and platforms requires experience and expertise. The experts at Qualysoft are specialized in the modernization and migration of software solutions and contribute their extensive expertise from numerous successful projects into customizing existing applications, updating them or even establishing a completely new basis across all solutions.

During the modernization process, we retain the advantages of your existing application, develop a sustainable solution based on these, and generate considerable added value for users. The migration is run either completely automated, partly automated or manually depending on the requirement. Thus, you obtain a state of the art solution that enables you to further develop your systems over the long term.

We focus on proven methods here: from the actual analysis with a detailed inventory, to the definition of the strategy for practical implementation through to operational adoption in the application.

Custom Application Development

We take over responsibility for all tasks and stages of development, from the conceptual requirements to implementation.

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Application Management

Our experts handle support, maintenance and further development as well as the full operation of your IT solution.

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