Automated Software Testing

Software development at the speed of light

Use automated software testing to enhance the quality of your IT projects and make them gather momentum rapidly. Our experts will support you in implementing testing tools, and will help you with the most important part of the job: the setting up of efficient test case designs and the testing architecture as a whole.

IT departments have to operate ever more quickly, being forced to develop highly complex software systems at ever shorter intervals, using ever smaller budgets and employing ever smaller teams. Companies reluctant to spend money on quality assurance risk being affected by faulty software and failure of key functions.

That is why bizarre software faults, which eventually also incur high costs, hit the headlines time and again:

  • For instance when on 29 February 2016 the baggage conveyor belts of a German airport stopped because the control software identified the leap-year date as invalid, forcing more than a thousand passengers to leave without their luggage.
  • For financial services providers, too, software faults may turn out very expensive: for instance, an insurance company miscalculated the life insurance premiums of hundreds of thousands of its customers, and now has to reprocess some 7 million policies.
  • An international bank posted all entries, both positive and negative, twice, due to a software fault.

Cases like these are not rare at all, and clearly demonstrate that companies need to rely on their digital processes more than ever.

Take our word for it:

You may rely on faultless releases and dependable IT systems

Buying a tool for automated testing is the first step. Special know-how is required for integrating the tool into the existing landscape and the build process as well as selecting and defining appropriate test cases.

Our certified experts will assist you with the following:
  • Implementing the test tool into the build process and your IT landscape
  • Selecting the right data for your test cases
  • Defining key tests
  • Setting up the most efficient test case designs
  • Implementing automated testing
  • Building up know-how within your company by providing extensive training courses and instruction

Your benefits:
  • High code coverage,
  • Valid reports reflecting the progress and risk coverage of your software tests at any time,
  • You will be able to deliver releases at short intervals, even on a daily basis,
  • You will be able to provide new functionalities on an ongoing basis,
  • You can be sure that important key functions continue to work reliably at every release.

Risk-based testing has never been so easy.

Tosca Test Suite is an efficient solution that provides effective support for both agile and waterfall project management methods, optimizing risk coverage by a minimum number of test cases.

As a platinum partner and Tricentis certified implementation partner, Qualysoft closely collaborates with manufacturer Tricentis and supports implementation of testing projects throughout Europe and the USA.

Smooth the way for agile software development and update your IT systems as often as you want.

Using our services combined with Tosca Test Suite, you will be able to deliver releases – even on a daily basis – thanks to:

  • Automated software testing to an extent of more than 90 percent
  • Risk coverage of more than 95 percent
  • Efficiency improved by a factor of 10 in comparison to manual or script-based solutions
  • Testing accelerated by more than 90 percent

Speed up by means of accelerated time to market, delivering releases even on a daily basis and significantly increasing the quality of your software.

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