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Manage the transition from traditional Software Development to Continuous Delivery safely: We support you in implementing and developing Continuous Delivery with our proven strategic approach. Rely on our experts in DevOps, Continuous Integration and Software Test Automation to accelerate your software development.

The fast and agile evolution of IT solutions is the cornerstone of success in an ever-changing digital business world: the paradigm has changed from "the big eat the small" to "the fast beat the slow". Continuous Delivery and the rapid deployment of new features and releases are therefore becoming critical factor for your success.

The pressure to increase quality and efficiency in the company while at the same time saving costs is noticeable in all markets. Numerous studies show that companies that have successfully implemented Continuous Delivery achieve - or even exceed - their goals for profitability, market share, and productivity twice as often.

Teams working with Continuous Delivery achieve faster lead times as well as much better stability - in 2017, high performers could:

  • Provide code in production 46 times more often

  • were 96 times faster at recovering from downtime

  • and had 5 times lower Change Failure Rates

than low performers.

Speed up your delivery

From Continuous Integration to DevOps, we offer a strategic approach to improving the delivery speed and quality of our customers:

  • Automation along the delivery pipeline speeds the time it takes for a feature to go from check-in to release in production.

  • Our proven methods and best practices enable a secure transition from traditional software development to Continuous Delivery.

Based on our successful test automation projects, Qualysoft's experts have many years of experience developing and maintaining cloud and on-premise enterprise applications. In doing so, we have set up CI/CD pipelines for companies with a wide variety of situations - from startups to multinational groups - and project scopes - from microservices in the cloud to complex IT landscapes in their own IT.

We support your DevOps process from strategic adoption to continuous expansion. Our consultants, software developers and DevOps experts cover all areas for you.

Improve productivity step by step


In the first step, we identify the delivery maturity of your company or specific applications, and work with you to strategically implement Continuous Delivery.

Or you choose an alternative approach and start immediately with the optimization of a business-critical application: we define appropriate metrics and KPIs, analyze the current state, define target values and immediately start to improve your applications continuously.

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