Offline: Business Intelligence

The information overload is an ever increasing problem for all companies nowadays. Using proper methods and appropriate tools, we obtain valuable information from your data.

Analyze your data with business intelligence (BI) solutions and discover new potentials to strengthen the existing business, get support decisions at the executive level, create business forecasts, optimize existing processes and identify business opportunities.

In working out BI solutions, we follow two different approaches:

Conventional data warehouse methodology

  • A comprehensive program with a technological background
  • Stipulation of reports, key figures and ways of analysis
  • Analysis and implementation of the ETL phases
  • Implementation of data models and data cubes with various tools
  • Productive roll-out and application management of BI solutions

Just-in-time data mart methodology - "Think big, start small"

  • Begins by setting up simple data mart models
  • Small, interconnected modular projects
  • Shorter project durations with rapid results
  • A simple way of further development