Data Quality Management

Solid database for long-term customer relationships

Only correct and complete customer data will allow you to achieve targeted personalized communication without any scattering losses. Our experts support you in optimizing your existing data, ensuring a high level of data quality in the long term, so that you are able to reach your customers at any point of their customer journey, making sure they get all the information they need.

Customer data play an important role in all company divisions – whether in the sales, marketing, service or finance department. Outdated, incorrect or incomplete addresses, double entries and undeleted contacts may cause manifold trouble to companies if, for instance:

  • Mailings campaigns come to nothing due to high return rates or have to be sent out a second time, causing additional costs.
  • Advertising material arrives more than once or invoices do not arrive at all at the intended recipient,
  • Potential customers were entered twice and forecast analyses of the sales team are therefore ineffective,
  • Cross-selling and up-selling potential cannot be used due to missing information.

Flawless customer data ensure successful relationship management

Only high-quality information provided by your CRM system allows you to address your customers in a targeted manner. Our experts support you in analyzing your existing data and implement measures that cleanse your data in an appropriate manner and ensure high quality in the long term.

Make use of our products, methods and interfaces to:

  • measure the level of data quality,
  • identify potential for improvement and quick wins,
  • derive and implement measures according to need.

Jointly we will develop concepts tailored to your company in order to further optimize the data quality thus obtained over the course of time. Hence, your internal resources are used sparingly and we buy you time to focus on what is essential.

Four steps to get the perfect overview

Benefit from a strategy individually tailored to your company and your data structure. Jointly with Uniserv, our partner:

  • We improve the level of your data quality using the Data Quality functions to check postal addresses, email addresses, the format of name and address lines, phone numbers and bank details.

  • We bring together customer information from various sources and create a database without any double entries.

  • We enhance your data by adding credit analyses, address changes, interaction data, information on purchasing habits and preferences, compliance information or social media activities to your customer profiles.

  • We provide all data at a central location and take care that data protection requirements are complied with.