Mobile Solutions

Mobile App Development for Businesses

As universal tools and constant companions, mobile devices provide an optimum platform to provide customers or employees with services and information. The experts at Qualysoft thereby support you by providing comprehensive expertise and state of the art technologies to optimally utilize the numerous diverse possibilities and to embed them into your IT environment.

Apps are far more than just optimized websites for Smartphones. Customized content and a clear depiction of data from multiple back-end systems on mobile applications enhances overall usability and significantly improves the user experience. The extensive experience of our experts support you through the entire process with platform-independent technologies – from the concept of how to integrate into your own IT infrastructure up to implementation of the tailored mobile solution.

Mobilizing business processes

We seamlessly connect all existing systems with your mobile app and facilitate the direct data exchange between ERP, CRM or portal solutions. Our focus on the integration of back-end systems enables you to access complex business processes and take care of business tasks while on the move.

Next generation

Our experts use all the well established technologies to develop customized mobile applications for you. We take advantage of the HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript or JSON programming languages to design apps, optimize the content display on all devices, adapt the design to your wishes, maintaining the best usability principle, and integrate data from all IT systems.Qualysoft develops multi-platform applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Ubuntu and FirefoxOS, and provides apps for all operating systems based on the same source code. This guarantees maximum flexibility and perfect results.