Portal Solutions

Platforms for consistent digital customer experiences

Provide unique, personalized experiences for your customers, partners and employees with modern portal solutions. Whether you want to expand or redeploy your portal, intranet or website - Qualysoft can help you digitize your core business, visualize processes, and make individual data available online.

Self-service portals and multifunctional websites for customers are on the rise in many industries - checking the current account balance, writing damage reports online, retrieving mobile phone bills or the current power consumption - these services already belong to the standard offer of many energy suppliers, banks, insurance and mobile companies. With eGovernment platforms, the public sector is also profiting from the cost and time-saving handling of official channels online.

Professional intranet portal solutions help you collaborate more efficiently and increase productivity.

Offer your stakeholders individual information about portal solutions:

  • Implement modern customer, partner or supplier portals to retrieve specific information and conduct transactions.

  • Via personalized, user-friendly websites you can offer secure access to data from connected third-party systems.

  • Turn your intranet into a hub - secure access to CRM, ERP or financial systems for all employees, and tools for efficient knowledge management increase productivity.

  • With integrated responsive design and native apps, you can also make using your online services via mobile devices on the go easier.

Flexible relationship management for
your digital transformation

With the design of individual experiences and personalized content via modern portal solutions, companies secure unique advantages:

  • Manage your entire customer journey in one platform: Implement modern websites, landing pages and mobile apps on one platform, creating a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints. For example, your users can start filling out a form on your website and finish it later in the mobile app - all data entered will be stored and seamlessly re-used.

  • Understand your customers better: By combining all the information available in the company, you get to know your users better and generate a holistic user profile for each of your customers. Use metrics on the source of your website traffic, video content clickthrough rates, and click-through rates to gauge the success and effectiveness of your actions and create personalized campaigns.

  • Lay the Foundation for Digital Transformation: To best serve both your current needs and the future positioning of your business, advanced portal software enables you to integrate your applications and information into a single platform and reuse information flexibly. This allows you to respond to new customer requirements at any time and create new digital experiences.

Qualysoft implements your portals, websites
and intranet platforms

We support your digital transformation with state-of-the-art portal solutions and implement the technical implementation along your digital strategy.

Qualysoft experts are creating an ideal complement to your service offering with easy-to-use portal solutions:

  • We advise you in deciding on the expansion of an existing portal or the implementation of a new portal solution.

  • We bring all forms of processes and information to portals, websites and the intranet, and make them workable online.

  • We integrate data from core systems - whether from back-end applications or cloud-based services.

  • You benefit from our holistic know-how from numerous successful Customer Experience Management projects.