Amplifying E-Mobility

As the only strategic partner for e-mobility, QMotion is the perfect combination of deep industry knowledge and excellent IT solution design: With Qualysoft E-Mobility Solutions, we bundle our IT services for electromobility.

The world of automobile manufacturers revolves around e-mobility: by 2030, the Volkswagen Group plans to invest a total of $ 70 billion in new e-models and battery technologies, Mercedes will sell each of its models by the year 2025 as an electric or hybrid version and BMW is fighting for the pioneering position with a completely electric portfolio by 2020 .

Strategic cooperation between international automotive brands and energy providers is intended to prepare the future markets today and safeguard supply. Innovations in the area of new technologies for charging stations, batteries and rechargeable batteries are providing an additional boost for the industry.

However, e-mobility projects still face numerous challenges:
  • Electromobility is a completely digital business model and thus new territory for car manufacturers and energy suppliers,

  • Corporations already provide capital for the implementation of projects - but deep know-how can only be built up bit by bit,

  • the roles and responsibilities in the value chain are not yet negotiated and

  • the IT of all companies involved does not have enough capacity and is not agile enough for the rapid progress of the industry.

Strategic partner for e-mobility: QMotion

We know your business model and support you with extensive know-how, personal advice, strong partners and optimal implementation: QMotion is the only strategic partner to offer tailor-made IT solutions customized for the e-mobility industry.

Our IT experts bring their know-how about protocols, interfaces and specialized products into your customized solution design.

QMotion offers you:
  • comprehensive strategic consulting and project design for the e-mobility sector,

  • End-to-end solution design and

  • the complete implementation by our experienced IT experts.
E-mobility platform from Qualysoft

Qualysoft developed world's largest platform for multi-vendor charging of electric cars for Hubject. Read more in our press release!

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