For public institutions, the digitization of processes provides major benefits thanks to immediate information and direct communication with citizens as well as efficient, paperless operations. Qualysoft provides support using elaborate e-government solutions for electronic tax administration, automated document composition and legal database systems.

E-government stands for modern, innovative public institutions. Electronic support helps to dust off obsolete systems, impracticable processes and lengthy bureaucratic procedures, and to considerably increase their efficiency. As a basis, not only advanced IT infrastructures must be developed but also processes need to be revised and users prepared for changes. The experts at Qualysoft are familiar with the challenges involved, implementing trend-setting, secure IT systems customized to comply with basic legal conditions and meet new requirements.

Reliable infrastructure

Our experts closely collaborate with public institutions, addressing the special basic conditions in the field of e-government. We review the processes in place, develop suggestions for improvement, and provide an IT solution customized to meet every requirement. This also includes training users to handle the system. We place special focus on linking third-party systems, such as e.g. the Central Registration Database, the Companies Register or the customs authorities, and enable a smooth exchange of data via optimally configured interfaces.



Qualysoft implements customized IT systems for efficient and secure e-taxation solutions. In this way, financial data can be provided by authorities quickly and easily, exchanged with taxpayers, and retrieved interactively.