15 years of Qualysoft

5th of June 2014: QualysmArt - Symbiosis of science, technology and art.

Science - Technology - Art was the motto on the 5th of June 2014 as part of the traditional vernissage at the office of Qualysoft.

The event was opened by Mag. Muna Duzdar, Member of the Vienna parliament / local council, who highlighted the economic aspect of the business and its importance to Vienna and Maria Rauch-Kallat, Federal Minister a.D. and President of the mrk diversity management GmbH, which emphasized the importance of the role of women in technical leadership positions in her speech. Qualysoft in this area is in a leading role. The proportion of women in management positions is almost 50 percent, which is an exception in the IT industry. Dr. Michael Hoch, exhibiting artist and physicist at CERN, explained the connection between art, innovation and technology and presented alongside his artworks also a gender poster with photographs of women who are active in scientific positions at CERN. The conclusion of the opening formed Mag. Ursula Tuczka, President of the Metropolitan Art Club, with the idea of exhibiting artist Michael Amarata, Yvonne Deyzac, Michael Hoch, Gergely Molnár, Ekkehard Tischendorf, Reiner Tischendorf and Christoph Überhuber. After the opening we went high up into the cloud 21, where the after-show party with live music by Nico Gomez, known from the TV show "The Voice Of Germany", happened. The grand finale was a firework to mark the 15th anniversary of Qualysoft.

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