5 reasons for automated testing

Why you should immediately switch to risk based automated testing

Business demands are constantly changing. The external and internal needs of your customers and users of your IT systems must not only support your current business processes, but also must be capable of being constantly changed and improved.

It is becoming increasingly important to continuously improve your software, implement automatic testing, and ensure rapid quality assurance in software development. In Application Services projects, our experts use Tricentis Tosca Testsuite, one of the leading solutions for functional software testing.

1. Increase quality and reduce costs

Manually testing recurring processes and known functionalities costs your departments a lot of time. The error rate is high, the tests cannot be repeated exactly or provide numbers for system behavior. With the implementation of automated testing tools, quality assurance happens continuously and without much effort. Since you can already use them much earlier in the development process, critical errors can be detected and corrected in time .

2. Faster Time-To-Market

With automated testing you can accelerate your test execution times enormously, because the process automatically - literally overnight - expires. You can immediately continue working on valid results and thereby accelerate your release cycles.

3. Maximum Risk Coverage

Rather than defining your test cases along the "the more, the better " motto, you can identify the most effective test cases and the risk contribution of each case. You can reach up to 95 percent risk coverage by executing only the most powerful test case sets.

4. Unparalleled Automation

Once you have configured the test cases and laid the right scenarios, Tosca Testsuite does the rest using a model-based approach. This means that maintenance efforts are reduced to a minimum because deferred modules can be more easily adapted and reproduced under new conditions.

5. Agile Development Made Easy

Agile software development is a flexible approach with rapid results. In enterprise projects, sprint results are often tested manually until long after the functionality has been developed, and automated regression testing has become possible. Thus it becomes an inefficient and tedious chore. Highly automated quality assurance with high risk coverage allows for the next crucial step: the ongoing deployment of new features into production systems. During the sprints, agile teams can verify automated user stories and continue to use these test cases in the future as regression testing. Doing this, you can achieve significant efficiency improvements in quality assurance and in the delivery of new, innovative features.

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The tool: Tricentis Tosca Testsuite

Optimize risk coverage: Read more about the Tosca Testsuite, one of the leading the leading solution for functional software testing.

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