Annual Review 2016: Corporate Citizenship

Great cooperation and first award for Qualysoft

For many years, Qualysoft has been orienting corporate decisions on social values and ethical principles to create a future-oriented environment for employees, customers and partners.

Also in 2016 there were some successful projects with our partners from the health sector, from art & culture and from the fields of women's promotion and youth sport. Qualysoft is particularly proud of the first award in the area of Corporate Citizenship. In 2016, Qualysoft was named National Champion in the category "Social and Environmental Engagement" at the European Business Award.

Austrian Red Cross

As in previous years, the Red Cross of Lower Austria was one of our most important partners in corporate citizenship. In the past, Qualysoft had already implemented several projects of the Red Cross, such as the map of assistance. In 2015 and 2016 the Kinderburg Rappottenstein was in the focus. The castle is a facility of the Red Cross for mourning for children and their families. In 2016 the new website went online, which was implemented by an international team of Qualysoft. And we are already working for the next joint projects with high pressure. Read more about it in the coming months.

Cooperations in the arts and culture sector

Due to the international network of the Qualysoft locations, the company is striving to include as many countries as possible in the field of art sponsoring. An important and long-term cooperation exists with the Hungarian Embassy in Vienna and the Hungarian Cultural Institute Collegium Hungaricum. In 2016 Qualysoft supported the current exhibitions at the Collegium Hungaricum. In return, the Collegium Hungaricum participated actively in the anniversary exhibition "Identity" and brought with Laszlo Feher, Laszlo Lakner and Gyula Konkoly three very well-known artists who presented their works at the Qualysoft office. As part of the cooperation with the Hungarian institutions, several events of the Club Pannonia were sponsored as well as QualysmArt screens.

There is also a close cooperation in the artistic field with the cultural representation of Slovakia and the Slovak Embassy. Since the beginning of 2015, QualysmArt screens have been in use at the Slovakian Institute in Vienna and are very popular among artists and visitors. The Slovakian Institute was also a partner in the Qualysoft exhibition "Identity" and was able to contribute two high-profile artists, Ivan Pavle and Xenia Bergerova. A special highlight in 2016 was the celebration of "10 Years of Art & Technology at Qualysoft". For this jubilee reception, the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic made his residence - Villa Trebitsch - available for the first time for a company. A number of joint activities are planned for 2017 as well.

Journalists Congress and Alpha Club

The former Federal Minister Maria Rauch-Kallat is in charge of both institutions and is also working in further projects on the promotion of women. Qualysoft is a long-standing partner of these institutions and supports their events with the QualysmArt technology, as well as this year's journalists' congress and the gala of Medienlöwinen. In addition, the website of the JoKo was developed by Qualysoft, as well as the new website of the Alpha Club, which is currently being implemented.

QualysmArt Cooperatins

Qualysoft also provides the innovative screens, including the app, for events of cooperation partners. A comprehensive QualysmArt cooperation exists with Star Production from Bratislava. The agency organizes numerous events, such as fashion shows, which have been embellished with the framed screens since 2016 and bring a touch of digitization into the event.

The Spanish Riding School in Vienna has also been one of our partners in 2016 and presented QualysmArt screens at one of the most prestigious evening events of the country - the Fete Imperial at the Hofburg in Vienna.

Other cooperations and sponsoring activities

In addition to the partnerships already mentioned, Qualysoft also supports other projects in the short or long term, as well as in various fields. For years, Qualysoft has been sponsoring activities for the promotion of youth sport and, above all, the youth teams of ASK Bruck.

In the area of Employer Branding, Qualysoft supports the series of events "I am online" of WKÖ. Qualysoft participated as a partner in events throughout Austria and was also able to disseminate knowledge directly to the pupils in workshops.

Since 2016, Qualysoft has also been a sponsor of Special Olympics Switzerland. The organization supports people with a mental disability in developing themselves through sport. Special Olympics Switzerland thus promotes self-esteem, physical fitness, independence and the courage to try new things. The events allow shared experiences with other athletes, family members and society.

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