Blockchain – just a hype?

Qualysoft's expert speech at DIMCA Innovation Workshops

Blockchain technology - one of the most important developments of recent decades or just a short-term hype? This question was addressed by Awi Lifshitz, Qualysoft expert, together with interested representatives from the public administration and the private sector, as part of the DIMCA Innovation Workshops.

At the end of June, the Federal Arbitration Center (BRZ) invited to the innovation workshop "Blockchain: Securing a Process" at the Impact Hub Vienna. As part of the "Digital Information Management Community Austria" (DIMCA), interested representatives of the public administration and the private sector discussed exciting proposals for the concrete implementation of the innovative technology.

In his impulse speech with the topic "Blockchain - just a hype?" Awi Lifshitz, Head of Sales of the Qualysoft DACH region, with the support of Mathias Roch, Partner of Bit-Trust GmbH, gave an overview at the various possibilities as well as the advantages and disadvantages. In addition, they gave the participants examples of successful, international best practices for their working groups: the topics ranged from e-government application for e-resident registration services, use to documentation of social benefits payments and the complete tracking of food transports.

The goal of the BRZ-Information Network DIMCA is to bring together representatives from the private sector and public administration employees to discuss current trends in digital transformation. Therefore, use cases for pilot projects were developed in the innovation workshops. The focus was not only on the development of ideas, but also on the concrete implementation: a topic in the workgroups was, for example, the use of blockchain for the land register or as an electronic identification solution, with which the order and supply chain of pharmaceuticals can be tracked.

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