Bratislava Fashion Days

QualysmArt at the Slovak Fashion Week

The 11th Bratislava Fashion Days took place from 26th to 29th of September 2016. They take place four times a year and present the latest trends in the world of fashion, as well as the development of domestic and foreign fashion designers.

The main idea of this project is the support of young and established fashion designers, as well as to give them the opportunity to present their collections together with international fashion designers in one scene. During the summer, designers can present their fashion on the main square in Bratislava on the summer tour. In December last year, there was an exclusive exhibition of ball dresses as a kick-off for the Slovakian ball season.

Qualysoft was again represented with framed QualysmArt screens as part of the cooperation with Star Production. The cloud-based app brings pictures, videos, texts, and more to your smartTV without additional hardware. Framed as paintings and placed on easels, the screens lend an additional artistic touch to every event.

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