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Automated Testing as key success factor for your digital strategy

At the Gartner Business Breakfast in Frankfurt am Main interested customers discussed the topic of automated testing as key success factor for digital strategies with Joachim Herschmann, Research Director, and Mag. Siegfried Ollinger, representative of the Qualysoft-customer Vienna Insurance Group.

Increasing digitization, flexible business models and dynamic processes lead to great pressure in IT departments: despite ever shorter development times, high quality standards and tight budget limits must be adhered to. Powerful implementation support is provided by automated software testing. At the Business Breakfast in the German city of Frankfurt am Main, the host Gartner, together with the long-standing Qualysoft customer Vienna Insurance Group, presented current trends, best practices and experiences concerning the implementation of automated testing.

Less is more: Successful IT delivery with automated testing

Mag. Siegfried Ollinger, Vienna Insurance Group, presented his experiences from the pilot project with the Tricentis Tosca Testsuite and Qualysoft under the title "10 Do's and Dont's Test Automation". Starting from a very high number - over 10,000 - of machine-recorded test cases with unequal distribution over processes and applications and lack of risk cover, the Vienna Insurance Group had to improve the informative value of the results. The prerequisite for this was the optimal risk weighting which led to an optimal distribution of the test cases across the areas.

With the support of Qualysoft and Tricentis, his team was able to achieve very good results for Vienna Insurance Group and Donau Versicherung:

  • The risk structure is now implemented in the Tricentis Tosca Testsuite and has been approved by the departments.
  • Logical test cases were defined, assigned to the risk structure and approved: with a design coverage of 97%.
  • Machine test sets were completed, executed and evaluated: with an automation cover of 82%.

With his experience from this successful pilot project, Mag. Siegfried Ollinger recommends:

  • To set the right priorities and
  • to select the testcases with the highest risk coverage in order to increase the efficiency,
  • focus on good maintainability and
  • the implementation of specialists as well as suitable tools.

How test processes change the software development in companies

In his key note, Joachim Herschmann, Research Director of the analyst Gartner, highlighted trends on the subject: "Modern application development is transforming testing processes within enterprises". He guided the audience through the necessary steps, which must be set in order to meet constantly increasing demands on the quality and speed of software delivery. Particularly important is the development of classical quality control in the direction of proactive quality assurance, for which all employees should feel jointly responsible. In the future, agile teams will use automated testing throughout the development cycle, enabling the continuous quality check of features and a much faster time-to-market.

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