You already defined your test cases?

Your business provides the critical test cases, we create the right test setup.

Buying an automated software testing tool will bring you one step closer to continuous testing, but is no guarantee for success. Automated, functional tests must be integrated into the development process and the test environment must be well prepared in order to profit the most from test automation. Therefore, the optimal set-up of your testing-process and -project is a critical success factor for efficient software testing.

Continuous testing facilitates the (further) development of software, accelerates delivery, and enhances the quality of new features. Buying an automated software testing tool is the first step towards continuous testing, and hence a future-proof agile environment for development. In order to exploit this potential to maximum effect, you should adjust your testing tool to optimally meet your requirements and deal with the right issues.

These points enable efficient test automation:

  • Closely integrate the tool into your build process to continuously guarantee high quality from the onset of development. Quick results and easy test execution are a must.

  • Ensure optimum set-up of your testing environment. Your test environment must support and not hinder automated testing. All necessary systems must be available in a stable manner; external systems can be simulated with service virtualization. Automation doesn't make sense in an unstable test environment.

  • Manage your test data efficiently and select them carefully. Automated testing requires stable data. If test data are consumed by the tests, they must be created automatically as well. Test data management is often underestimated and therefore one of the most common reasons why test automation fails.

Ensure that your company is ready for Continuous Testing and Test Automation to significantly increase your efficiency and quality.

Why we are able to provide you with professional support

for your testing project

Integrating Tricentis Tosca Testsuite will help you save time and enhance the quality of your software. But even with Tosca you will only be able to use the resulting potential to full effect if you focus on the right and important things during set-up. In the process, one should keep an eye on the big picture, and also understand the system architecture and how the applications are related.

We are able to provide you with professional support because we not only understand the testing project but the whole IT environment as well. We do not only implement a tool; we integrate it into the software life cycle, creating a close connection between development and testing. Our experts implement new development projects for our international customers, they manage individual applications, and modernize and migrate IT systems, using a holistic approach, even for complex projects.

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