Eye tracking system for large screens

Monitors react intelligently to the gaze of passers-by

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT, Qualysoft has developed a new, interactive information network that measures the perceptions of large public screens. By integrating an eye tracking system it is possible to ascertain whether and which specific content is considered. This allows the screens to adapt to the gaze of the passers-by.

Qualysoft co-operated with the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT for the system development of "Qualyshow". Fraunhofer IDMT's sleeper was used as the basis, and Qualysoft connected it with an Eye Tracking System. A two-camera system provides an even higher hit accuracy for the new development than the sleeper, which allows the viewer's viewing direction to be tracked relatively accurately.

Project successfully completed

For one year, the interactive information network was jointly researched and the usability of the model tested with control persons. According to Peter Oros, CEO of the Qualysoft Group, this was quite challenging. "In eye recognition, it has been shown that the eyes sometimes become too small. We removed the exposure from the camera and equipped the camera with a fixed zoom. This allowed the system to be correctly calibrated. Fraunhofer IDMT has put us in a very strong position to develop the system in the best possible way. "Now the project has been completed and the planned goals have been achieved. The result is impressive: a cloud-based system, which can react directly thanks to eye recognition and selects individual appealing slides for the user.

Lightning fast display and easy control

Another challenge was to integrate existing content efficiently and thus increase the productivity of the system. "To this end, we have developed an interface to platforms such as Slideshare and Vimeo to facilitate content management. With just a few clicks, Slideshare presentations, PDF files or Word documents are imported and displayed," says Oros. The cloud-based system can also be controlled using an app. If the user wants to add new content quickly, this is possible with a few finger movements. For example, photos can be displayed on the Qualyshow screens within seconds on events or whiteboards that have just been recorded.

Versatile thanks to cloud admin interface

Thanks to the cloud admin interface, the solution can be used in many ways. As soon as the screens are located, it is free for the uncomplicated and fast administration of the system. This also applies if dozens, hundreds or thousands of geographically dispersed screens are integrated. For example, an entire branch network, an office complex or public facilities with information screens can benefit from this. The installations can be visually adapted to the surroundings in order to make the content even more effective.

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