First Aid by Qualysoft

09.2013 – Innovative First-Aid Map for the Red Cross, powered by Qualysoft

It does not always have to be an emergency – even sticking a Band-Aid on or treating a small wound is first aid. As part of the first-aid campaign I am the first choice – I am the first aid, the Red Cross of Lower Austria is calling out for a big community ranking: How fit are local communities when it comes to first aid? How many people say of themselves that they give first aid? The First-Aid Map provided by the Red Cross gives an overview.

At the Web-site address, any Lower Austrian can now set an example for his or her community and put it in the top positions. An innovative online map, which was developed by the Red Cross of Lower Austria in cooperation with Qualysoft, is also meant to promote awareness that first aid begins much sooner than with cardiac massage.

“We are glad about the support provided by Qualysoft, which has allowed us to spread first-aid awareness even more via the Internet,” explains country manager Peter Kaiser from the Red Cross of Lower Austria.
“We are glad to be supporting the Red Cross with our IT expertise, and in this way to make development of the campaign’s microsite possible. We are confident that as a result of this innovative online map, more awareness of and greater readiness for first aid will be created,” said Peter Oros, CEO of the Qualysoft Group.

After all, putting a Band-Aid on a small cut is also first aid. First aid is supporting a person who has become dizzy. First aid is also responding properly in an emergency, not panicking and making a reliable emergency call. The locations of defibrillators known to the Red Cross are already marked on the First-Aid Map.

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