Peter Oros discusses "Culture for Economy"

2nd of June 2014: Panel discussion of the Viennese Club Pannonia at Palais Eschenbach

The Viennese Club Pannonia organized a panel discussion entitled "Culture for economy - economy for culture" on the 2nd of June at 19 clock at Palais Eschenbach. On behalf of the Balassi Institute - Collegium Hungaricums Mag. Kristof Viola welcomed the guests on behalf of the Club Pannonia Marika Radda welcomed the participants in the panel and the numerous guests.

The discussion was opened by the soloists of the International Danube Philharmonic. After the opening speech by Dr. Andreas Hopf, Mag.Dr. Michael Macek presented the participants at the podium.

Besides Qualysoft CEO Dipl. Inf. Peter Oros, Dkfm. Peter Püspök, DDr. Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Dr. Thomas Trabitsch, Echerer, Gabriele Proy and Alexei Kornienko were among the distinguished speakers. They all agreed on one thing: Culture connects the Central European regions and contributes to communication in economic terms significantly.

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