Project "Analyse JET" completed successfully

Qualysoft worked on research project for analysis tool

Qualysoft participated in a research and innovation project from December 2016 to October 2018. For the project an international consortium was put together, the project members came from Germany (ITP), Hungary (4D Soft) and Austria (Qualysoft). The research project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy and the European Commission within the framework of the EUROSTAR programs.

The goal of the project was to implement a new static analysis tool for Java programming language that allows developers to localize software bugs and better understand the code. Instead of large static error lists from the entire source code analysis, the tool only examines a specific part of the source code and provides a detailed analysis of the selected code. As a result, the developers understand the code faster and can manage it more easily. With the new tool Analysis JET you can cover arbitrarily large Java systems and thanks to the hypercube technology of ITP one achieves very fast results in the static code query.

The main application of Analysis JET is in application management, where developers are supposed to manage a large amount of source code, which in most cases has been written by other people.

Within the research project, Qualysoft, with its extensive experience in quality assurance, was primarily involved in the development of quality assurance methodology, beta testing and software evaluation, and has helped its partners to use the right methodology. Qualysoft's multi-year expertise in the development of JAVA projects in a variety of business areas was of great value in the code-based beta testing area - the JET Tool analysis provided a variety of test development scenarios for real-world development projects.

The tool is already a usable product in its current state and is already used by Qualysoft in internal development projects - which has also reduced development time. Analysis JET made its debut at the Düsseldorf JCON Development Conference on October 9, 2018. There is currently no tool available on the market that can code-code to the same extent and with the same performance, which is why the interest was also very high. A freeware version of Impact Analyzer Eclipse Plugin is available for download for Java developers HERE.


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