QualysmArt at exhibition in Paris

September 1, 2015: M. Pálfy presents first screenographie exhibition "Incognito"

The Viennese artist M. Pálfy presented an absolute world premiere in art industry. The first screenographie exhibition under the motto "Incognito". Qualysoft presented selected works by the artist digitally on SmartTVs with the art and culture application QualysmArt.The screenographie - an innovative technique of the visual arts - allows the Viennese artist M.Pálfy to display the eternal theme "appearance and reality" in an artistic way. M.Pálfy wants to spread the message of the modern human beeing, who either tactics or for self-protection constantly hides his true face. The exhibition offered the visitors a dialogue between Traditional- and Digital, as well as Re-Traditional- and TechnologyArt.

Vernissage "Incognito"
Gallery Étienne de causans
25 rue de Seine, 75006 Paris
starting 18 O 'clock

Peter Oros, CEO Qualysoft Group

Bertrand Brouder, French actor

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