QualysmArt at the Vienna Design Week 2014

26.9. - 5.10.2014: Kultúrgorilla and QualysmArt present "Guide the Diver!"

In cooperation with Collegium Hungaricum Qualysoft was represented in this year's Vienna Design Week - with the technology QualysmArt. The festival took place from the 26th of September to the 5th of October in several venues and was an excellent international presentation opportunity for the young design scene. In addition to the so-called central exhibition, which presented a panorama of contemporary Hungarian designers, Hungary was prominently represented in various formats and categories, such as in "debut", "city work" and "laboratory".

Qualysoft found an ideal partner in the group Kultúrgorilla. The association of young Hungarian designers, artists and cultural workers mainly deals with smart solutions for urban spaces. The idea of QualysmArt is to exhibit works of art not only in the conventional way, but also via flat screens and tablets.

In the project "Guide the Diver!" Kultúrgorilla presented how to make accessible not recycled but edible food and still well-preserved commodities. Using QualysmArt the solutions were shown on screens, which were mounted on unusual places. The created through collaborative design tool kit aims to stimulate the dialogue between social groups, which were previously isolated from each other.

Kultúrgorilla - Guide the Diver!

Vienna Design Week 2014

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