Qualysoft presents Semmelweis Art Award

13th of October 2015: Exhibition of the winner project at the Collegium Hungaricum

To mark the 150th year of death of the Hungarian physician and discoverer of the cause of puerperal fever Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, a Europe-wide tender for young artists was launched by the Collegium Hungaricum Vienna. An international jury could chose the winning projects from more than 100 young artists from 30 countries. The group of Maria Trabulo from Portugal, Mato Lagator from Serbia and Stéphane Clor from France - currently all students at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna - could convince the jury with their exhibition concept "Life and Death of Ignaz Semmelweis: on the indeterminism of the Natural" and win the tender.

Qualysoft GmbH has taken the sponsorship of the 1st prize. The award was given to the three artists by Peter Oros on the 13th of October 2015. In addition to the prize money, the winning team recieves the opportunity to realize their project in the gallery UngArt in a separate exhibition.

The concept relies on important stages and events in the life of the physician Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis and puts them in a contemporary context. So are the insights and experiences of the "savior of mothers" - dealing with the difficulty of people to describe the nature and exercise control in focus.

Various installations deal with his work: occupied with plant germs portraits of Semmelweis show his aging between 1857-63; a video installation showing bacterial growth on two levels. In an interactive part of the exhibition visitors are invited to shape a building of soap called "Tower of dreams and hopes".

2nd place of the Semmelweis Art Award goes to the "Nemmivoltunk! Crew" (HU / CZ / AT).
3rd Place of the Semmelweis Art Award goes to Ilan Manouach (BE), Sofia Dona (GR) and Keren Katz (Izrael) with the concept "Shape Reader".

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