The age of digitization

Quietus for classical business models

Most entrepreneurs are still thinking that their product and service information should be found by the customer. Inversely it is much more logical: The information finds the customer. And here Customer Experience Management comes in.

Digitization makes it possible to provide people quickly and selectively with those contents that they need. The aim is to understand its customers better, to meet individual needs and thus to strengthen the long-term retention and satisfaction. At the same time customer experience management has a positive effect on productivity. A practical example: If a salesperson meets the client with a mobile device including matching industry applications, he has signed the contract already finished in the system, while others only start with the paperwork. Qualysoft offers comprehensive solutions in the field of Customer Experience Management - from the picture of your customer journeys and related concepts to the technical implementation. When implementing the latest IT systems, it is ensured to support all business processes and customer contacts optimally.

Traditional business models such as banks, insurance companies orESCOs are in permanent competition with the numerous digital newcomers who revolutionize the market every day with innovative technologies. From the online bank account to the taxi app, anywhere two factors have driven the development of new business models: modern technologies and new target groups with changed values.

Qualysoft helps you to optimize your customer journey. To continue to be successful on the market, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where do your customers get in touch with your company?
  • Which information do your customers expect through which channel?
  • How can my company operate optimally at each touchpoint?
The age of digitization will seal the decay of classical business models for sure. The development of this is in full swing. Qualysoft is your partner for customer experience management and digital transformation.

On this subject please read also the commentary by Andreas Hieger in Wirtschaftsblatt: Quietus for classical business models

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