The new generation of Taxi apps

Qualysoft develops mobile apps for two Hungarian Taxi companies

The mobile applications of Budapest Taxi and City Taxi have been renewed, which are now available for both the iOS and Android operation systems, with numerous new features. Thanks to the map-based development, taxis can be tracked and through the application taxis can be ordered for a later appointment, drivers can be evaluated and push messages can be delivered upon the arrival of the vehicle.

A new smartphone solution was created through the joint efforts of Budapest Taxi and City Taxi, which offers a number of new features for both iOS and Android platforms. The fare can also be settled by providing bank card information as well as by paying via cash, bank cards and taxi cards in the approximately 1,400 cars operated by the entrepreneurs of the two companies. The background of the bank card payment function debuting in the applications is provided by the in-application purchase solution of MasterCard, which was implemented by Big Fish Kft.

"When developing the new application, our goal was to create a service which fully satisfies all the needs of our passengers, adhering to all current legal provisions, and can thus serve as a model to passenger transport firms in Hungary," said Csaba Horváth, managing director of Budapest Taxi Kft. "It's important to satisfy the needs of passengers at the highest possible level of quality since the previous Hungarian taxi applications typically followed the operational principles of the order placement system of transport organizing firms, disregarding the needs of passengers and in fact, in some cases, even the legal regulations in effect," stressed Horváth.

With the new taxi application developed by Qualysoft and the renewed background services, passengers of the firms can order a vehicle which suits their needs and the data on their travels can be tracked at a later date, while allowing even deaf or hard of hearing users to order a taxi in a fast and simple manner.

"The new mobile application is approximately the same for both iOS and Android and has an easy to use, unified interface. The smartphones of the users will display a real-time image of the taxis in their proximity and by tapping on their icons, users can view the car type and the evaluation of their drivers. The application will provide an automatic notification when the ordered taxi is approaching along with an estimated fare calculation. We will continuously be developing the application according to user feedback," explained Attila Simon, CEO of Qualysoft Zrt., the firm developing the application.

The vector-based map displays taxis in the vicinity and users can also check their estimated time of arrival. Upon departure, passengers can continuously track the position of the taxi and its likely fare. Corporate clients can enter supplementary data into the application, which facilitates future cost center-level accounting.

The next important stage of development was the bank card payment option through the application. During the development and testing phase, we were led by the goal of providing our passengers with the most secure payment application available on the passenger transport market. When registering their data in the program, users can be assured that the money on their account is kept safe even when losing their phone. The data requested for bank card payments is stored on a central server instead of on the phone. Payments are not automatic - the settlement of fares is conducted with the consent of the passenger, thus reinforcing passengers' trust in the system.

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