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Qualysoft develops mobile application for the Spanish Riding School

The Qualysoft Group is happy about another well-known customer: The Spanish Riding School of Vienna has recently commissioned the IT service provider to design an app for the digital coordination of horses, riders and carers. The solution will include an hourly schedule which, in addition to training units, also manages doctor's appointments as well as public appearances and events.

The time-intensive coordination of horses, riders and carers is soon a thing of the past at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. The oldest riding school in the world employs around 160 people in Vienna, in the Piber federal state, as well as in the Heldenberg training center, of which around 21 are riders. The organization of the training units as well as the general management of the deadline schedules took up a lot of time and resources so far. In order to get away from the so-called "paperwork", the Spanish Riding School decided to digitize the timetables and brought the IT specialist Qualysoft into the team. The goal is an application that will make all timetables and appointments clearer and minimize the administrative effort.

"With so many employees and horses, drawing up timetables is an enormous effort. We were therefore looking for a solution that would guarantee us not only simpler workflows, but also clear timetables," says Erwin Klissenbauer, Managing Director of the Spanish Riding School.

Together with Qualysoft, they decided to use a mobile application in the form of an hourly tablet, which should include the various training units, the veterinary and forging dates,public appearances of horses and events. Qualysoft is currently working on high-speed on the development of the app to be completed in the next few months.

Photocredit: Spanish Riding School, Julie Brass

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