What you should know about Microsoft Dynamics 365

Insights and answers about the innovative new platform from Microsoft

With Dynamics 365, Microsoft is launching the next generation of its CRM and ERP solutions. The platform combines all functions and data that have been distributed in different applications so far and provides a uniform user interface for all users. Our expert for Microsoft Dynamics, Thomas Manhardt, answers the most important questions and answers about the new, intelligent business solutions.

In a short interview with our Microsoft expert Thomas Manhardt, we have compiled the answers to the most exciting questions about the new solution Dynamics 365:

  • Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 already available?

Yes, companies can already use the new platform since 1. November 2016.

  • Are all Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules already available?

With the exception of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, all modules are available. The marketing module is expected to appear in the first half of 2017.

  • Is Dynamics 365 available as an on-premise or cloud solution?

Currently the software can be used via cloud services. From spring 2017 however, an on-premise version will also be available.

  • What license models are available and how much will they cost?

You can either opt for individual apps (modules) or purchase an enterprise plan, where you have access to all modules - this Enterprise Plan pays off as of the second module. In addition, you can choose between different user types (Full User or Light User). All user licenses are billed on a monthly license calculation. Ask me or my colleagues if you want to find out more about the latest Microsoft offerings for the introductory period.

  • Does our company need to migrate to Dynamics 365 when we have an older version of Dynamics CRM or AX deployed?

No. Of course, your old license terms remain in force and you can continue using your current version. However, Microsoft introduces new features in quick succession - you can only benefit from these new features as users of the current version. We recommend that you consider upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • How often are new releases released?

Microsoft releases new major releases twice a year, which are usually provided with new features. In between - about eight times a year - there are minor updates for troubleshooting and performance improvement.

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