Qualysoft Accelerator for Tosca

Automated Software Testing for your CRM-solution

With Qualysoft Accelerator you are testing your processes for customer relationship management fully automated and end-to-end: With the add-on to powerful Tricentis Tosca you ensure the quality of your Microsoft Dynamics and Aurea CRM business processes.

You can use the Accelerator developed by Qualysoft to secure your business-critical CRM processes: from the start in your CRM application to the transfer to your further systems. Immediately ready for use, the add-on covers important usecases already out of the box: With the help of pre-defined transactions, which were packed into finished processes, you start with your test automation without additional integrations.

With the Qualysoft Accelerator:
  • your applications are fully controllable and can be used at any time for test automation,
  • simply add your business data and customize automated test sequences with little or no effort,
  • immediately use the standard transactions identified by our experts, which have been packaged in processes.

Based on the needs of our clients, the Accelerator provides a quick start in the automation of your CRM software tests.

Kickstart your Test Automation

Clear Structure

Test Cases and Modules are saved according to the menu structure your CRM solution to guaranty easy and clear navigation throughout the test automation.

Pre-prepared Modules

All relevant pages are already scanned, ready to use, named accordingly and optimized.

Pre-prepared Test Cases

For each page TestCases are prepared and can be reused for several transactions as “Create”, “Verify”, “Change”, “Search” and many more.

Take advantage of your benefits

Profit from automated software testing for your CRM solution and

  • increase the quality after the implementation of change requests and migrations by a multiple,
  • use end-to-end testing and test interfaces and APIs immediately,
  • reduce manual testing for your departments and your IT to a minimum,
  • read your progress in real-time with meaningful reports and make decisions based on current analyzes.

The experts at Qualysoft consistently support you from the implementation of the Accelerator to the training of your users!

Contact us and talk to our experts!

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