OFFLINE: Microsoft Axapta ERP

The high-performance ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics AX allows you to interlink information within your company and organize your resources as required, using this as a basis for taking well-founded strategic decision.

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides well-thought-out tools that allow you to network your entire company and to comprehensively control it. Thus, you will be able to respond more quickly to market requirements and run business processes more efficiently, in order to exploit opportunities faster and drive innovation.

Flexible solution for every application

Thanks to seamless integration into a familiar environment, Microsoft Dynamics AX is easy and quick to learn and use. The cloud-based solution gives you the freedom to work anywhere, at any time, using any device. No matter how and where you call up your systems – you will work within the same seamless and safe environment ensuring protection of your company and your customer data.

Individual business processes for your sector

Consistent support is provided for typical business processes such as HR organization, purchasing, sales, warehouse management as well as finance and accounting – and also for sector-specific functions in finance management, trade, manufacturing, logistics and public administration.

Focus on what is essential

Thanks to the role-based user interface, all users have access to precisely those items of information, processes and results they need to do their job. Hence, staff members are able to easily and quickly filter out essential details from a myriad of data and take appropriate decisions proactively.

Future-proof due to flexible architecture

Start by implementing the necessary functions, and extend the solution step by step – thanks to standard technology and flexible architecture, even older systems may gradually be replaced. Microsoft Dynamics AX can be quickly provided and continuously adjusted, thus supporting continuous change in business environments. Moreover, the solution can be provided in your own data processing center or as a cloud solution.