It is sometimes difficult to maintain the business continuity. External factors beyond the control of the employee and the employer may prevent or prohibit access to the workplace, for example. during mass illnesses, epidemics or curfews. However, there is a solution to overcome this force majeure situation.

Qualysoft provides cloud technologies, implementation services and consultancy for the most professional and smooth resolution of the current situation. Featuring home office solutions, including Microsoft Teams and other cloud-based Modern Workplace tools, work at home is seamless and efficient. With these tools, employees can communicate, share files, and meet, all without the need for external access tools, as all data is stored in the cloud. This way you can continue to work from home without interruption, without the company having to suffer any losses or loss of production as a result of the loss of employees.

It can be difficult to imagine anyone who has not tried to work from home, since in most cases companies do not have or have not implemented home office technologies and supportive processes.

This article describes in detail the functionality of Microsoft's Teams service, its benefits and ease of use.

Call from anywhere

You don't have to wonder who has just joined the call. Teams, Phone System, Call Package and Direct Forwarding make all conference calls stress-free.

Collaborate from anywhere

You no longer have to search frantically for your files. In Teams, you can access, share and edit all your Word documents, PowerPoint and Excel files in real time.

Would several different organizations communicate with each other? No problem!

Now you can chat and share videos more effectively with people outside your organization:

  • Screen sharing as well as transferring and receiving screen control
  • References
  • Calling others' attention with @ mentions
  • Priority Message Delivery (Normal, Important, or Urgent)
  • Text Formatting
  • Entertaining contents

Office 365 is a team center for teamwork

No matter where you are, you can chat, attend meetings, make calls, and collaborate with all your coworkers.

Chat from anywhere

Share your opinion in a way that suits your personality. You can also use GIFs, stickers, and emojis for group chats and for face-to-face messaging.

Meetings from anywhere

You can switch from group chat to video conference at the touch of a button. No matter where they are in the world, teams of 10 or even 10,000 people can meet in one place.

Patient Coordination in Teams - Of the Microsoft Teams functions, whether for the private healthcare sector or for state-level patient care, patient coordination may be the most urgent option in the current situation.

This feature can be used by doctors and nurses to facilitate patient care. Among other things, planned patient care scenarios and effective communication can simplify treatment. The system operates in accordance with the American HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Liability Insurance Privacy Policy).

In addition to the features, you have a lot of options to customize your app like this:

Pumping up solutions

With Artificial Intelligence, you can seamlessly connect to various data sources to take full advantage of the Power Platform.

Create powerful apps for your app store

Use the developer toolkit to create apps for Teams and share them with the world.

Support for industry-specific solutions

Virtual Consults - Microsoft Teams provides a Virtual Consulting opportunity for pre-scheduled Team meetings. It can help in many industries. Healthcare, where it can facilitate patient-doctor consultation, and education, where it can be an easy way to bridge group communication between teacher and student, are perhaps the most important in this position.

But, regardless of the industry, it can be a good substitute for standing interviews or any other personal meeting. You can send a pre-scheduled meeting invitation outside Teams.

Integration of used apps

Integrate your favorite apps and services into Teams to create a team work center in your organization.

Build solutions with minimal programming tools

Power Platform lets you develop apps, automated workflows, and dashboards and use them in Teams.

Blur your background in a Teams meeting

Not happy with your background in a video meeting? Try background blur. You’ll appear nice and clear while everything behind you is subtly concealed, so you don't have to worry about your colleagues or superiors seeing something or someone unseemly.

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