Restarting Business with Security in Mind - Qualysoft Webinar

The widespread adoption of work-from-anywhere technologies and cloud-based solutions allow companies to continue operations in the changing work landscape. However, the paradigm shift is putting tremendous pressure on operations - while companies are making enormous efforts to protect their employees and serve their customers, the number and complexity of cyber attacks is constantly increasing.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 22, 2020 @ 11:00 AM (CEST)

Join our free webinar and find out how to reduce your company's risk exposure with state-of-the-art cloud solutions while ensuring business continuity presented by Qualysoft IT experts!

During the 45 minute live session we will show you:

  • What are the typical IT security risks that can arise during remote working?
  • What cloud solutions are available to ensure business continuity during and after the epidemic?
  • Why is identity protection becoming increasingly important?
  • How to protect your corporate e-mail system from threats inside and outside?
  • What solutions are available to protect the corporate network?
  • How to prevent data leakage and data loss?

The webinar will be held in Hungarian and participation is free of charge.

Meet our presenters:


Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft Certified Trainer
Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt.|

Peter Vegh

Business Value Consultant, Architect
Qualysoft Informatikai Zrt.|

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