CEO Peter Oros Looks Positively to the Future

January 2013, "Crisis is a productive state - you only have to take away the flavour of catastrophe." (Max Frisch)

Rising High: After a successful 2012
Qualysoft looks positively to the future

Looking back on its sales in 2012 breaking all records since the Group was founded, Qualysoft is full of confidence in the future. The international IT services provider saw renewed growth in terms of sales, employees and customer projects acquired.

Peter Oros, CEO of Qualysoft Group, sums up:

Our company is the best example of the fact that, with the right strategy, it is possible to grow even in difficult market conditions. At the beginning of 2012 our customers were noticing the first negative tendencies caused by the economic situation. That led to important and decisive investments in IT projects being cut or deferred. For Qualysoft, the financial industry is typically the biggest customer – but last year no significant investments were to be counted on there either. Those circumstances as well as the negative economic outlook prompted Qualysoft to optimize expenditures, make investments more effective and sharpen our service portfolio. That new strategy and sustainable planning resulted in us being able to grow again also last year, allowing us to look confidently to 2013.

The most important reasons for our success have always been our innovative approach to the needs of the market, always having a technological edge as well as our high flexibility with respect to the requirements of our customers. These key factors have not only been of crucial help to us in surviving difficult economic circumstances, but in using them as an opportunity. Thus in 2012 we were again able to acquire prestigious customers for Qualysoft, such as the Ministry of Finance of Albania, Mercedes Benz Bank as well as the organization responsible for aviation safety services in Hungarian airspace, Hungaro Control, and also to acquire further projects for existing customers, like Porsche Holding.

With a total of over 350 employees, Qualysoft is now successful in the market all over Europe and has its sights set both on further growth and on opening further offices in Central and Eastern Europe. For Austria alone, we are currently seeking 15 new employees in our IT & Process Consulting, Project Mgmt. and Software Development departments as well as management and sales staff for new business segments in the planning. In addition, our other European locations are also to be greatly expanded with additional employees.

The high demand is due, among other things, to the fact that in times of crisis customers rely more and more on optimizing, automating and standardizing their IT application environments and IT business processes. We facilitate such developments by providing companies with individual resources or entire project and testing teams for development and consulting issues as well as for their IT operations. We guarantee our customers flexibility, ultra-innovative technologies and effective know-how transfer so they can concentrate on expanding their competitive advantages in the region and on achieving their business goals.

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