Energie Steiermark relies on Qualysoft

30th July 2015: IT-specialist starts with the implementation and further upgrade of the CRM solution

Qualysoft is pleased to announce a new customer for its utility division: Energie Steiermark recently authorized the implementation and further upgrade of their CRM solution. The biggest utility company in Austria is going to use update.CRM.

Access to customer data in real-time

“Customer relations and quality in service are especially important in the service sector”, explains Andreas Hieger, COO of Qualysoft Group. “With their CRM solution Energie Steiermark can organize their customer data centrally. Service requests can be transferred in real-time, directly connected to the customer. The corresponding service process will be initiated immediately.”

Increased efficiency

Due to legal requirements the network operation had to be separated from energy supply. Hence Energie Steiermark decided to implement two extended update.CRM solutions together with Qualysoft. A centralised customer base with direct connection to the customer portal will be launched. The automated processing of orders still guarantees fast handling of customer requests with minimal use of internal resources.

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