Qualysoft advertises Art Cloud to customers in Asia

2014 June - Peter Oros in the Wirtschaftsblatt about his plans for the first Qualysoft Asia branch in Singapore

The word at the Viennese software maker Qualysoft is that growth opportunities for IT companies are enormous in Asia. To approach customers, the company is advertising with a special art application.

Vienna. “It started as a hobby,” says Peter Oros, CEO of Vienna-based IT company Qualysoft, about how the QualysmÂrt brand developed. The company had tried to link art with technology, developing a special cloud solution, which, able to manage entire exhibitions, transferred photographed works of art to smart TVs.

Quite a bit of development was required, says Oros: “It is no trivial task to depict paintings well digitally." But the investment was worth it. There is already a collaboration with some galleries and with the TV manufacturer Samsung.

High growth rates

In addition, around ten percent of turnover currently comes from its art business—in Austria, the company most recently generated nearly €14 million. And art also opens doors in Asia, says Oros. In these markets, growth rates of 20 to 30 percent are realistic. Oros: “We are now expecting exponential growth.” The art niche could contribute up to 30 percent of overall turnover in the medium term.

Currently, however, Qualysoft is already working on new business models: In addition to software, licenses could also be sold for content and exhibitions. Negotiations are underway. “We are going to expand the division quickly,” says Oros. Centrally controllable display systems with little hardware are also needed in other areas. They already have airports in mind.

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