Qualysoft calculates Albanian taxes

August 13th, 2013 – Peter Oros and Dr. Herbert Liebl in an interview with WirtschaftsBlatt

Qualysoft, a Vienna-based IT company, is developing a system for tax billing in Albania. In two years the program has to be running. The company wants to grow organically until then.

Qualysoft, a Vienna-based IT company, has managed to land a big contract in Albania: together with its partner wedoIT-solutions GmbH, the company is developing a computer system for the billing and administration of taxes. Specialized in management software, Qualysoft is accustomed to large international contracts, but at a volume of some ten million euros and the task of covering the entire taxation system, this project is a milestone in the company’s history, says CEO Peter Oros.

Read the full article at: Qualysoft to Calculate Albanian Taxes (in German)

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